This is the most amazing humidifier of all time. It ensures that the safety of the users is kept by all means. It is the most recommended for people with babies. It is quite sure that babies are not disturbed during sleep because of its quiet operation.

According to my research, all the customers who have used this humidifier have rated it highly among all other similar devices. They have specifically ascertained that it helps in doing away with colds and dry skin among other conditions caused by dry air.

It’s the greatest humidifier from IMS, and it has a high-rated and hard thought design. You only need to fill it before going to bed and it will last overnight. It’s an addition since it is stylish. I love everything about this humidifier.

It’s quite advisable for people with allergies since it only produces a cool mist and does not leave wetness on furniture and walls. The best bit is that it’s too quiet and sometimes one cannot notice when it is turned on by listening but only by feeling the mist.

Keep reading the rest of the review to know why I am delighted by this humidifier.

Healthy And Quiet

The humidifier supply’s your room with clean, moist air; it also adds moisture to dry air to help the dry lips and sinuses. It is also available to add salt to the water to create ions that purify the air.

Though with this one has to take extra caution in that, do not use any salt only the Himalayan salt which is natural is recommended.

In addition to that, when the dry air becomes moist, turn the level of mist down since the air cannot take any more moisture. Otherwise, it will clog the humidifier.

Water Tank Capacity

The water tank is a 2L capacity ensuring a continuous supply of mist without refilling hence can be used at home or in the office. This capacity ensures that the user avoids frequent refilling when water runs out.

Easy To Operate

It has a control knob that adjusts the mist flowing easily thus both adults and children can adjust the knob easily. It, therefore, makes it easy to adjust to one’s comfort from high to low mist. It has a removable tank for easy removal and relocation to the intended place.

Automatic Shut Off

This amazing feature ensures that when the water runs out, the device shuts off automatically thus no need to wake up from time to time to check the water limit. This also avoids disturbance as in the case of other humidifiers which would change lights from red to blue.


This humidifier has been tested and ascertained that it reduces the chances of coughing caused by congestion in the house. The high quality ensures that it does not break down easily and thus has a long life.


  • Suitable for a small room
  • It is quiet
  • It is good looking hence can be used as a décor
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to operate


  • Not suitable for large rooms

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much salt is needed in the water?

A: only use a teaspoon full and put it at the base

Q: A Does it emit light when water runs out?

A: The safety 1st ultrasonic cool mist humidifier automatically shuts off thus no need to keep checking the level of water

Q: Â what is the maximum amount of vapor does the humidifier produce

A: It produces up to 280/h of vapor.

Final Verdict

Getting a humidifier that serves the best purpose and that has received 90% thumbs up from the clients who have used it has never been an easy task. Most people would run to the price without simply knowing the exact purpose of purchasing a humidifier.

I am perfectly sure that the price of this humidifier is simply fair considering its functionality. There has never been any other humidifier with as many advantages as the ultrasonic cool mist humidifier IMS. I would go for safety 1st ultrasonic cool mist humidifier IMS all my life. It’s simply amazing.