Tao Tronics Ultrasonic Humidifiers (TTUH) is an ultrasonic humidifier that emits water vapor so that the dry air in a baby’s bedroom can be moistened.

During winter, a baby’s skin and system of respiration are susceptible to cold and respiratory problems. The dry air has the capability of causing irritation to a baby’s skin, and virus growth that leads to sickness in children.

Pediatricians recommend TTUH for children because children cannot be given the same medicine as mature people. Humidifiers are vital because they can be used when a child is unwell and even when it’s not and the TTUH is not an exception.

Humidifiers come in handy, especially during dry weather. The TRUTH is a good investment, and it is one of the most efficient humidifiers in the market. It works in both air-conditioned homes and non-air-conditioned homes during the winters and the dry weather.

Micro-Porous Cartridge

The TRUTH has a microporous cartridge that assists in removing microorganisms and filtering off all the moisture in the baby’s room that keeps that baby away from germs.

In addition to that, the child or the baby is free from diseases and hence you don’t incur costs on hospital bills.

It also eliminates any form of harmful calcium and magnesium ions present that can affect the baby’s body.

The micro-porous cartridge simply eliminates any impurities from the room and enhances a mist that is healthier and free from any contamination and also from any harmful diseases.

Easy Control

With the TTUH, it is easy to control the humidity levels in the room by actually following the instructions given. You can easily control that by setting the humidity level that is favorable for the child.

An individual can also control the amount of mist present in the baby’s room using the settings. The device is well designed to make the entire room humid and works well for rooms up to five hundred and thirty-eight square meters hence it can work in large spaced rooms.

The Ultrasonic Modifier

The ultrasonic modifier has a gigantic capacity. This implies that the product can work full time for fifteen straight hours hence you can use it anytime you want for a longer period without worries.

This also means it can work well throughout the night. The humidifier model is silent which implies that there is no noise caused while a child is sleeping hence making the room to be peaceful without interference.


TTUH has a timer that is used to set time for how long one wants the gadget to run into the night so that the baby does not become uncomfortable while the baby is sleeping.

It is great if you set it for a medium time, not too long or too short, just average time is great for the baby, and hence it does not affect the child or the baby negatively.


  • It has a pleasant design
  • It is portable
  • It lasts for long hours
  • It is easy to use
  • It results in a healthier environment.


  • There are no filters available

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the humidifier in the TTUH bacteriostatic?

A: Yes, the humidifier is bacteriostatic and provides complete water treatment in the environment it is placed in. It is essential because it renders the air totally germ-free and protects a child’s health.

Q: Does the TTUH come with a warranty?

A: Yes. The product comes with a comprehensive two-year warranty. This information is availed to you depending on where you purchase the product. The warranty comes in handy just in case one ends up getting a humidifier with parts that are defective or faulty.

Final Verdict

The TTUH has a great design that raises it above all the other humidifiers in the market. The humidifier does not merely concentrate on functionality but also enhances a healthy environment.

The LED feature adds to the pleasant design of the humidifier. The TTUH is a great product that provides great value for money.

I know you are looking for a humidifier and this is one of the best that l would recommend to you. You will be thrilled with its performance.