A parent’s basic instinct is to protect their child from any harm especially during their tender age. Every little detail is scrutinized and picked with extra care.

New parents will ask for recommendations as to what color of the cot to get, what brand of diapers to purchase, and will even be on the lookout for parenthood myths and misconceptions.

In between the flurry of activity many at times, parents will forget humidifiers, cool mist humidifiers to be precise.

You can protect your child from all sorts of harm, but your number one partner in combating dry air should be a cool humidifier. This is especially prevalent during winters due to the use of room heaters which rob the air of its natural moisture.

24 Hour Run Time

One cannot possibly overemphasize the importance of good rest to your toddler. Your baby is assured of comfortable sleep, and clear airways since the humidifier prevent the build-up of mucus.

Knowing that baby will sleep fine gives you the peace of mind to get somebody and a soul rejuvenating shut-eye. Did I mention that babies that sleep more at night have been found to grow faster?

Soothing Sounds

Afford baby some comfort and luxury with this humidifier’s four soothing sounds; heartbeat, white noise, summer night, and lullaby. Not only will they ease the baby into sleep but also help drown out any loud noises such as ringing doorbells and barking dogs. Given the humidifier comes with four sounds, you can change up things a little bit plus the general ambiance of your nursery is also given a major boost.

Convenient Night Light

You can now check up on your baby at night without turning on the bright room light as it is bright enough.

Turning on the ordinary light at night might not only wake up your toddler but also might make your baby cry given how ridiculously bright some of these lights are. This salient feature also calms babies should they wake in the middle of the night.

One Gallon Tank

The one-gallon tank is valuable for your hard-earned money since it has clean mist technology. The tank has enough capacity to ensure a continuous supply of moisture to your baby for twenty-four hours per filling. Clean mist technology prevents even the slightest development of mold and mildew in the tank.


  • It relieves any airway congestion thus the baby can breathe better.
  • Its capacity relieves you of having to refill every so often as it runs for twenty-four hours.
  • It is the soothing sounds that help calm your baby.
  • The moisture ensures the baby has supple skin as opposed to parched skin due to exposure to dry air.
  • The tank is always free of mold and mildew which could encourage bacterial growth.


  • The humidifier has to be cleaned daily with warm water and soap to maintain hygiene.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How Do I Add Water To The Humidifier?

A: Filling the water is a simple task. Just open the water reservoir and add the required amount of water, IT’S THAT simple.

Q: How Much Energy Does The Humidifier Use?

A: A cool mist will use less electricity while humidifying large areas also the energy bill will depend on among other factors; length of use per day, electricity rate among other factors

Q: How Do I Maintain My Humidifier?

A: To ensure maximum efficiency as well as service, clean your humidifier carefully with warm water and mild soap. You could consider using white vinegar but stay away from bleach of any sort.

Final Verdict

MyBaby cool mist humidifier is what every parent should get their toddler. Nothing in the market can match up to both its functionality and sleek design and most importantly its durability.
Your baby can now breathe seamlessly and can enjoy the comfort of clear nasal airways. It poses no risk of scalding should the baby touch it as opposed to warm humidifiers and prevents parched dry skin.

The cherry on top is that its night light makes sure babies won’t be scared of the darkness should they wake up in the middle of the night. Order it right now!!!!