There is nothing that spells out comfort like the sweet aroma of essential oils. The vicTsing aromatherapy cool mist humidifier not only ensures your room smells nice but also its design blends in with your furniture and is pleasing to the eye.

It ensures your air is both moist, the good moist, and smells nice. You can now invite people over without having to sniff around the house looking for any unpleasant odor.

The humidifier allows you to choose not only your LED light but also the time setting. Most aromatherapy kits lag behind either in design or functionality but thus kit exceeds remarkably well.

You can place the humidifier anywhere in a room safely given its flat bottom for support. Here is an in-depth analysis of this unique humidifier


The humidifier has a beautiful seven-color lamp. With this feature, one can set it on auto-changing modes or steady on one color. You can customize it to suit you.

Elegant Appearance

Classic wood grain design and the aroma diffuser present in the humidifier can be used as a modern, stylish decoration to decorate your room. This humidifier blends in perfectly well with any decor, to someone who loves a stylish and elegant lifestyle then this humidifier should be present in your house.


Who wants a humidifier that is complicated to operate, one that will make you scratch your head just to turn it on, no one. The upgraded wood grain humidifier provides a continuous mist mode that is easy to operate.

With a 140ml water tank, the diffuser supports about 5-7 hours of mist time. The unit will automatically shut down when the water in the tank runs out, hence protecting it from damage.

Healthy Lifestyle

The humidifier vaporizes the water and emits a cool mist that can provide moisture to your skin, ward off some chronic infections and provide a cool environment for relaxing. The diffuser releases the negative ion and helps you relieve and relax from tired work with refreshing air.

Auto Shut-Off

The humidifier automatically shuts off when the water in the tank is used up. This is very important and useful since it enables power saving and safety, this also ensures that the humidifier lasts longer and is in good shape.


  • The classic wood grain design is a definite plus as a modern decoration
  • Auto turn-off ensures no damage whatsoever after the tank runs dry
  • The seven colors LED light provides customization according to mood, occasion, or even day
  • Its adopted ultrasonic technology makes sure you can sleep peacefully even when its turned on as it is extremely quiet


  • It has a four-time setting thus offering you a wide range of choices as to how long you would want it to run
  • It is easy to use

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are essential oils?

A: Â These are highly concentrated oils that are the fragrant essence of any plant

Q:  Can these oils be applied directly to the skin?

A: Although their smell is very appealing, they are highly concentrated and might burn skin or pass into the bloodstream.

A: Store in a cool, dry area with no direct contact to sunlight and away from the reach of children who might confuse their sweet smell for juice. Make sure the tops are screwed properly.

Final Verdict

Normal is boring, try infusing some life into your space, whether it is the bedroom, sitting room, or office. A good-smelling essential oil has a pleasant way of adding color to your space. It goes a long way in boosting your mood and aura.

Your usual air freshener, whether handheld or plug-in, might get the work done but they don’t last for long, are environmentally unfriendly, and are not programmable with a wide range of choices. It gets the work done concerning getting rid of unpleasant odors. Its wooden stylish look is pleasant, unlike those metallic aerosols.

Place your order for an opportunity to enjoy luxury at an affordable price.