Traditionally, many companies produced humidifiers with filters. With the advances taking place in technology, manufacturers have now produced more efficient humidifiers that run without a filter.

Filterless humidifiers are rising in popularity over the years, and customers prefer having such a humidifier because it produces a much cleaner mist, lasts longer, and is also easy to maintain.

These incredible machines work by removing any substance present in the water through the use of electrostatic charge. This is different in humidifiers that use filters because they clear these substances using a filter and the filter requires regular cleaning and replacement.

With a filterless humidifier, you can enjoy ideal levels of humidity, and this will greatly impact your health positively. This guide will help you get the best humidifier that will allow you to enjoy filterless convenience.

We have tested different humidifiers based on quiet operation, efficiency, and reliability, and this helped us select the top five best filterless humidifiers. We have reviewed these products so it will be easy for you to find their inner details.

1. Pure Enrichment MistAire XL Humidifier


  • Runner-Up on the List
  • It is User-Friendly and Easy to Operate
  • This Unit has a Detachable Power Cord Which Makes it Easy to Remove for Cleaning

Keeping the environment around your baby clean is an essential thing that you need to do as a parent.

If your baby is suffering from respiratory disease, it would be great if you bought a filterless humidifier.

A device like the Safety 1st Ultrasonic 360 will provide the required moisture in a room and you do not have to think about buying filters.

Variable Mist Controls

The controls combined with the two fully rotating outlets allow you to control the level of moisture and coverage to the ideal levels that you want.

Quiet Operation

The last thing that you want in your house is a humidifier that produces a lot of noise. This unit offers you proper functioning hence making it convenient for use even when you are sleeping.

Filterless Design

Operating a filterless humidifier is pretty much easier as compared to those models that come with filters. This unit offers you convenience when using and you also end up saving money that you would have otherwise spent buying filters.

Auto Shut-Off

Another interesting thing about the humidifier is the auto-shut-off function that helps to prolong the life of the machine.

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2. Venta LW45 Airwasher 2-in-1


  • Best Three-Gallon Water tank Filterless Humidifier
  • Incredibly User-Friendly Due to its Simple Technology
  • It Can Easily Humidify a Space of Up to 400 Square Feet Easily

We all love staying in a healthy environment more so when we have babies around us.

Purchasing the right humidifier is important so that you can enjoy better levels of humidity.

If you need a machine that will work well for you, try the Vicks V4500. This is an incredible machine that you will love having in your house.

Whisper Quiet Operation

If you have a baby in your house, going for a noisy humidifier can be a poor choice because it will end up waking the baby all the time it is in operation. I know this is what you do not want to experience; therefore, this model offers you a smooth operation such that it will be hard to tell it is in operation.

Removable Tank

The water tank of this device is easy to remove and fill. You will also have a simple time when you want to clean this tank.

No Replacement Filters

This is one of the main reasons why I love humidifiers that come without filters. They offer a nice performance and greatly save you money for buying replacement filters.

Visible Moisture

It is very easy to tell when this unit is in operation. There is a visible cool mist that floats on the top of the unit which is an indication that the machine is running smoothly.

3. Everlasting Comfort Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier


  • Largest Filterless Humidifier
  • It Comes With Exceptional Features Such as Auto Shut-Off
  • This Unit Makes No Noise and Provides You With a Good Night’s Sleep

For those people who want to enjoy ideal levels of humidity without incurring additional maintenance costs, a filterless humidifier is the right way to go. You can achieve this by purchasing the Rosewill Black Quiet Operated Filterless Ultrasonic Humidifier.

This is a great humidifier that will ensure you enjoy staying in a healthy environment.

Ultrasonic Technology

This is a nice technology that allows you to enjoy a quiet operation. With the included 5 liter tank, the unit produces a soothing mist that keeps you comfortable.

Adjustable Dual Nozzle

With this humidifier, you are assured of getting maximum comfort for your baby and other family members. It has 360-degree adjustable dual nozzles that ensure all parts of the house are well circulated with moisture.

LED Lights

When you are using this humidifier at night, it has a night LED that glows making it easy for you to operate the humidifier at night.

Auto Shutoff

This is one great feature that most companies producing humidifiers ensure is not left behind. It is important because the machine turns off when there is not enough water in the tank.



  • Best Filterless Humidifier for the Whole House
  • It is Made With Premium Quality Material, Allowing it to Work Perfectly in the Long Run
  • It Comes With Smart Controls, a Remote and Even a Smart Mode, Making it User-Friendly

Maintain the right levels of humidity in your house with the Honeywell UV humidifier.

The product is designed to help you enjoy a comfortable stay in your house with your children and family members at large.

There is a lot that you are going to love about this product. But first, let us look at some of the best features of this unit that enhances a fast and easy operation.

Electronic Controls

One of the most vital things that you should check when buying a humidifier is the ease of use. Luckily, this unit is designed with electronic controls that provide an easy operation.

UV Technology

The technology is effective because it kills up to 99.9 percent of the virus inside the water, mold, fungus, and bacteria. You are sure that the humidity produced is healthy for everybody in your house.

Quiet Operation

If you are planning on keeping this unit in your baby’s room, you will love it because it works very silently. This gives your little one many hours of sleep without any disturbance.

Self-Regulating System

This is another thing I find impressive in this humidifier. The system will naturally check the amount of moisture that can be held by the air and then adjust the output.

5. UCareAir Cool Mist Humidifier


  • Best Overall Filterless Humidifier
  • It Comes With a Built-In Night Light
  • This Unit Has Two Different Mist Levels

This is another incredible humidifier from Rosewill that provides you with a filter-free performance.

With this unit in your house, no more complaints of dry skin cracked lips, and dry cough among other issues that are caused by low temperatures.

Tank Capacity

A humidifier like this one that comes with a large tank capacity allows it to run the entire night without adding water to the tank. The 5-liter capacity tank will hold a lot of water hence offering a longer run time.

360 Degrees Adjustable Dual Nozzle

It doesn’t matter what side of the house you are seated on, and this humidifier ensures that the whole house gets enough humidity with the dual 360 degrees nozzles.

Room Size

If you have a room measuring up to 250 square feet, this is the right humidifier to purchase. It will provide nice coverage in such sized rooms.

Silent Operation

For a quiet performance, you can depend on this product. It runs very smoothly such that it will not interfere with your sleep at night.

Things To Consider When Buying The Best Filterless Humidifier

Before you make a final decision of buying a humidifier, the following are some things that you should put in mind so that you can acquire a perfect humidifier to suit your needs.


Humidifiers come in different sizes to suit the small, medium, to large sized rooms. The first thing that you need to do is to identify the size of your room and then look for a perfect humidifier that will provide nice coverage. You can get humidifiers in small, medium, and large sizes to suit your requirements.

Tank Capacity

The machines also come with tank capacity that is different. You will find that some models have large tanks that offer a longer run time while others come with a small tank, so their run time is short. Remember, the choice of the best products lies on the buyer. It is upon you to look for a humidifier with the right tank capacity that you find perfect.

Ease of Use

The best filterless humidifiers should not be difficult to use. Look for a model with a sleek design that comes with easy controls so that you will have a good time when operating the machine.


If you want to maintain your humidifier working efficiently, always, keep it clean. It is advisable if you clean your machine every week and disinfect it according to the guidelines provided in the manual so that it will work well. Select humidifiers that are easy to wash and rinse so you will not end up having a difficult time when you need to clean the unit.

Final Verdict

A filterless humidifier is one great product that will help you save money because the machines do not require any filter to operate. They are durable and provide a cleaner mist as compared to their counterparts.

If you are thinking of buying a filterless humidifier either for your baby or use at home, these products reviewed here are number one on the market.

They are incredible machines that will help you enjoy easy breathing even when the outdoor temperature is very low. Get any model that suits your needs and say goodbye to physical discomforts that result because of low humidity.