The baby monitor is a game-changer for many parents. However, most of them get into a dilemma on where to put baby monitor. Well, there are many places in the room, but not all of them are safe for your baby.

We have talked with several parenting coaches and parents (both new and veteran) and rounded up four easy ways to help you decide where to position the baby monitor in the room. You will get an area-specific installation guide to make your job easier at the end of the article.

Where to position baby monitor

Whether you have a large living room, small bedroom, or playroom, the baby monitor should be located where you can easily see it. You don’t want to move it around or worry about a child reaching it.

#1 Shelf top

Ideally, you should place the monitor on a shelf or the top of a tall piece of furniture. The best placement should allow you to view the baby’s face without being too close. There are several different places where you can place a baby monitor.

#2 Crib

You can mount it on a dresser or changing table for a reasonable height. Another option is to put it next to your crib.

However, keep in mind that your baby may kick it off, play with it, or even play with it, so a higher location is best. For this purpose, you need to consider your budget. Besides, remember that you will need a place to put it in for the long run.

#3 Wall

You can place the camera on a wall, but it is best to mount it in a safe place. Any obstacles should not block the camera. If you don’t have a wall-mounted monitor, you can hang it on a dresser or changing table.

If you have a tall dressing table, you can mount the monitor on the side of the table. Moreover, if you have a baby monitor with a zoom, you can also hang it on the wall for good viewing.

How to place baby monitor properly

Let’s look at some pro tips on installing baby monitors safely in the different parts of the room. Whether you have one newborn or newborn and toddlers, these tips will make babyproofing easy.

Viewing angle

When it comes to mounting the monitor, the angle of the baby monitor is essential. If the camera is angled upwards, it will be too hard for you to see your baby.

Try adjusting the angle of the camera to ensure that you can see the baby. If the monitor is horizontal, it will be too wide for you to view the baby. If the camera is vertical, it will not be visible to you. It will be easier to mount it if it is on the wall.

Camera placement

You should also consider the position of the monitor. Some baby monitors have a wall mount, but this is not always the best solution. It should be 3.2 feet or a meter away from the crib. If the baby monitor is wireless, it should be placed about a meter away from the crib.

It should also be near an electrical outlet, but make sure it is not in the child’s way. Once you’ve made this decision, you should be able to view the baby at a distance of about one meter.

Camera location

Where to put a baby monitor depends on the kind of monitor. You can install it in a corner, which gives you a panoramic view of the baby’s room. If you have a wall-mounted model, you can mount it on the ceiling or a wall.

It can also be installed on the ceiling if it has night vision. If you’re unsure where to mount it, you should consult the manufacturer’s manual.

Baby monitor safety features

Check the safety precautions like durable outer body, extra-thick coating on the baby monitor cords, hacking protection, and attachments before getting a baby monitor. These features will ensure better monitoring of your little ones while keeping them safe from unwanted incidents.

Baby monitor installation guide: How & Where to put baby monitor

There may be a few places where you shouldn’t put the baby video monitor; however, there are some places where it is essential to fix the monitor for a better view. Any high position that is a bit away from your baby is always the perfect spot for baby monitor installation.

Let’s check some of the most common places in your room if you are worried about where to put baby monitors.

On the wall

Pick a place on the wall from where the camera will cover the crib, play areas, entry, and room windows. Rather than drilling multiple holes on the wall, try holding the camera in different places to get the best view.

Make sure you plug in the baby monitor to an existing power outlet on the wall. We don’t recommend using extension cords as it becomes a tempting toy for your toddlers.

If you really have to use an extension cord, put them under a wire cover or place them behind any pieces of furniture.

On the changing table

The changing table or dresser is high and close enough to the crib to give you a complete birdseye view of what your baby is doing. For many parents, especially the new one, a dresser or changing table is the most secure place to fix the baby video monitor.

If you place the monotone close to the changing table, make sure your baby can’t kick and topple the device. It is always safe to keep the monitor at least three feet away from the baby.

On a shelf

Sometimes it’s not possible to cover the essential parts of the room with a wall-mounted baby monitor. So what to do now?

Well, pick a place on any high shelf or top of the wardrobe to attach the baby monitor. You can get a semi-birdseye view with the maximum coverage of the room. One of the most significant advantages of shelf-top places is that you can always change the camera position even take it to another room.

There doesn’t need to be a nearby power outlet. So, you may have to use an extension cable. Place the wire behind the wardrobe to avoid any strangulation hazard for safety.

Where Not To Put Baby Video Monitor

You may have seen several ads where the video baby monitor is attached to the baby’s crib. However, this is one of the most dangerous things to do. In the last few years, numerous strangulation cases have been reported where the baby or part of its clothing was strangulated with the camera.

In a few instances, the incident resulted in death.

So, make sure you don’t attach anything to the crib that may cause problems for your baby. It’s better to keep the monitor away from direct contact with your baby.

When to stop using baby monitor

You should stop using baby video monitors when their sense of privacy is fully developed. If your child is big enough to sense that they have been watched and modify their behavior, you should stop using the baby monitors.

The best time to stop using baby video monitors is when your kid is 4 years old. According to psychologist Dawn Huebner, children began to develop a sense of modesty about their bodies. So at the age of 4 is high time to stop monitoring your baby through video cameras.

However, if you have another child under 4 in the room, a baby monitor is essential. Make sure the older kid knows that they have not been watched anymore. In some instances, when you live in a large house and hearing your baby is difficult, a baby monitor can offer you a sense of safety.

WiFi baby monitor vs non-WiFi monitor: which one is the best

Suppose you are out for an office party, and your kid is with their nanny. You must be dying to see how your little one is doing. Well, a WiFi monitor will be the savior as you can use a dedicated app to monitor your kid’s activities. All you need is a WiFi connection at home and an active data plan on your cell phone.

However, time lags may irritate you a bit, and there will be a breakdown of images due to the lag time. WiFi monitors can come with up to 10-seconds time lag. When you look for real-time monitoring, this may not be a great option.

Non-WiFi monitors are a great option as long as you watch your kids from home. Besides, there is no time lag in the images. Thus, you get real-time images of your kids in their rooms.

One of the most significant advantages of non-WiFi monitors is they have better safety and security features than any WiFi monitor. Because of the WiFi connection, hacking the camera and the monitoring system is highly possible. But, you don’t have to face this issue with a non-WiFi system.


I am sure where to put a baby monitor is not a dilemma anymore for you. Based on the size and number of babies, you can pick the right one and place it in the most appropriate place of the room.

The baby monitor is an excellent device for your baby’s safety and the serenity of your mind. However, make sure you are using the right one in the right place and at the right time.

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