Ever thought of any humidifier that can kill up to 99.9% of germs in water? The Honeywell serves the best purpose for this. It uses UV technology to suppress germs. It consists of a tank measuring two gallons that make it easy to fill, clean, and carry making humidification easier than ever before.

Most people prefer it since it serves dust off the air and returns moisture in the air killing germs too. This enables users to avoid dry throat and itchy skin making the house more comfortable.

It makes use of ultraviolet technology. Thus users are rest assured the moisture emitted is free from germs. Unlike all other humidifiers, it is specially designed such that parts with electricity do not touch the water. This ensures safety and avoids electrical surges and shocks.

Another interesting thing is that, when you use distilled water in the first step, the life of the filter is prolonged thus may be reducing the cost of operating to almost zero.

The Honeywell is recommendable because it’s safe when washing, it doesn’t break easily thus giving it a longer life than the old humidifiers that broke easily when they slipped off.

Kindly keep reading the rest of the review and see why Honeywell is way far from the best humidifier of all time.

It Is Quieter

When compared to other humidifiers, Honeywell humidifiers produce less noise, and this makes it more preferable to use since it gives quiet environs for adequate sleep. Some people testified that the sound it produces is quite soothing, and triggers sleep easily.


Though its big size may be a disadvantage, it becomes quite an advantage to those people who would not want to keep refilling the tank from time to time. Once you fill it up, it takes quite some time before the water runs out. How efficient!

It Is Cheap To Maintain

This humidifier uses filters that are extremely cheap. In addition to that, the filters do not need to be replaced more frequently than other humidifiers. Some people replace the filters by using them once more upside down, and this gives them a long life with only one filter. How amazing!

Easy To Clean

To wash this humidifier, you only need to put it in a sink and clean it. That is way simpler than an ultrasonic humidifier where you need to use fiber cloth and vinegar and quite hard to clean. This ensures that most users keep the humidifier clean since washing is made simpler.


  • It is quieter than any other humidifier and produces a soothing sound
  • It has a filter that sieves impurities off water-reducing growing of fungi inside the humidifier
  • It serves a maximum of 24hrs on the lowest setting thus no need to wake up and refill
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use and install thus makes it quite reliable


  • It is quite big and heavy
  • It spills easily
  • It produces noise

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is there any white dust?

A:  White dust is not present. The system uses a filter when evaporating water thus the water from inside is pure water, and no minerals are present.

Q: Does the humidifier leak?

A:  It does not leak as long as it is stable and has no unnecessary movements.

Q: How often should it be cleaned?

A: The filter should be cleaned once a month by thoroughly rinsing with water. It is testified that the use of distilled water reduces fungi in water thus reducing the number of times you need to clean the device.

Final Verdict

This humidifier has as many advantages as any other humidifier. Its quiet operation is more likely to give it more stars.

It makes a small soothing noise that is never annoying at all. It comes with a 3-year warranty that gives an assurance of its good quality.

Its self-adjusting system makes it easy to operate since there is no need for close monitoring or manual adjusting of the system.

I would recommend this humidifier strongly to anyone who needs a product that lasts long. Though it’s quite expensive as compared to ultrasonic cool mist humidifiers, its unending advantages give it a thumb up.