Is there a way of getting rid of the numerous bacteria, spores, and molds, in the air we breathe? Just the thought of the above is enough to wish there was a way you could leave freely without breathing.

Occasionally, at night you might have your sleep disrupted by a coughing fit, a dry throat, and congested airways although by the time you retired to bed you were just okay.

You could change all of that. Enter the Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier world and enjoy great levels of humidity.

The humidifier boils water in its tank to provide a warm and visible mist that is devoid of any bacteria.

To ensure your peaceful sleep is not disrupted, its capacity will ensure it can run for 24 hours with each filling. This device is everything you have been looking for given its customization capabilities and top-of-the-range safety features. That’s not all;

One Gallon Tank

The humidifier comes with a tank that lasts all night and day so you can extend last night’s comfort and luxury into your afternoon siesta without having to refill it every so often.

Filling the tank with water is also easy so that you can achieve continuous moisture in your room especially during cold days.

Auto Shutoff

The humidifier automatically shuts off once the tank is empty so you can go ahead and relax as opposed to constantly checking on water levels.

This not only makes your life less worrisome but also is a key safety measure. You are assured that there will never be any life-threatening incidents arising from the use of the product plus your humidifier will always be safe with or without your presence.

Medicine Cup

No one likes walking around with nasal sprays in the event of sinusitis, colds. This is alleviated as you can use Vicks Vaposteam if you wish to enjoy the medicated vapor.

Alternatively, you could use a Kaz inhalant. It also helps reduce the risk of contaminating the nasal spray due to excessive contact or sharing. This could also be a preventive measure should you suspect there is a nasty flu running around;

Pleasant Nighttime Glow

Turning on the bright room light in the middle of the night not only hurts your sleepy eyes but is also a bother.

How about waking in the middle of the night, say to pick a call, to a very alluring and appealing glow that is just enough to allow you to see your way around. This glow also improves the ambiance of your room, especially in the evening.


  • It does not have filters thus cleaning is easy.
  • The steam makes sure you breathe uncontaminated air only
  • The humidifier has two comfort settings thus delivering functionality with a side of customization.
  • It is a quiet device thus you can sleep or relax peacefully.
  • The medicine cup allows you to have menthol vapor if you so wish.


  • The humidifier should be out of reach of toddlers since the steam might burn them.

Frequently Asked Questions

A: The recommended levels of humidity in the air you breathe range around 30 percent and this humidifier allows you to adjust levels

Q: Can I use hard water to refill my humidifier?

A: Yes you could refill with hard water in the absence of any other alternative so long as your humidifier has a mineral cartridge although it might work as smoothly as with soft water

Q: A How do I clean my humidifier?

A: Regular cleaning with warm water, white vinegar, and mild soap will ensure your humidifier does not turn into a breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria that could cause health problems.

Final Verdict

If you are fed up with drinking hot water in the middle of the night to relieve your throat, applying menthol to your nostrils to clear up airways, then it is time to acquire a warm steam humidifier that will allow you to enjoy a comfortable sleep.

This product is perfect for children so feel free to buy one for their room so that they will not have to suffer from the conditions that are caused by reduced humidity inside the house.