The Vick Starry Night Cool Moisture Humidifier (VSNCMH) provides invisible moisture, calming, soothing, and a cool environment that helps a child sleep well.

V370 is featured by a projector display that changes a child’s bedroom into a night sky that is starry. An added comfort of a soothing mental vapor is produced by the scent pad heater which is a non-medicated scent that is comforting to the baby.

Furthermore, the scent is necessary for a child’s good night’s sleep and easy breathing. The running time for the VSNCMH is between 18-24hours.

The projector runs independently from the humidifier. Also, it is independently controlled from the humidifier. The humidifier comes in different colors, for example, pink and purple.

The product is made of Vicks that helps relieve a child of chest congestion that results from the cold. Pediatricians medically recommend the VSNCMH for children.

When your child is sleeping, they will be entertained by the projection that offers a starry night sky perfect for night sleeping. This helps them to get to sleep faster after a few minutes of getting in bed.


The VSNCMH running time is 18-24 hours. It comes with two different speed settings to ensure that a comfortable environment is created for a child. At the bottom of the gadget, there are knobs used to adjust the preferred speed. This unit is also highly durable so you are guaranteed to enjoy many years of use.

Adjustable Knobs

The VSNCMH performs according to how the user has set it. There are knobs used to set the moisture humidifier to the preferred speed. This gives the child a comfortable environment while sleeping. The knobs can be adjusted to low, medium, and high speed. It relieves chest congestion in children gradually during cold nights.

Powerful Projector

This is the number one feature of the VSNCMH. It is impressive in that it places pictures of a night sky that is starry on the baby’s ceiling.

The feeling of this feature is that it is soothing to the little ones when they wake up with congested chests or stuffy noses. The projector also has an added advantage in that it can be used without the humidifier giving children a handy night full of light. It feels like having two different items in one.

Easy Use

The first thing that you should check when buying a humidifier is the ease of use. A humidifier that is difficult to operate might not be useful because you will end up having a hard time. The product is easy to use and you do not need any experience. Its operation is done manually in that there are knobs at the bottom of the product that is used to control its speed.


  • Soothing to a child
  • Relieves congested chest and stuffy nose fast
  • Easy to use
  • It is affordable
  • It is medicated


  • The humidifier needs some adjustments to work properly to work perfectly well
  • Running time is low

Frequently Asked Questions

 Q: Do pediatricians recommend the VSNCMH during winter seasons?

A: Â No. I did not know, but after using the product I can see the reason pediatricians recommend it. The cold mist soothes the nose and helps the child have better sleeping nights and breathing systems.

Q: Â Did you know that VSNCMH serves two purposes in one product?

 A: No. I came to find out later that the projector gives a child a comfortable night’s sleep. Moreover, the picture of the night sky that is starry is soothing to a child when he or she wakes up with a stuffy nose at night.

Final Verdict

VSNCMH is a useful product to a family, especially during the winter days. It is best employed in rooms that are medium-sized. The scents emitted from the padded heater have an added advantage of comfort because of the Vicks vapor that is soothing to a child.

Families in cold zones should adopt the culture of using VSNCMH during cold seasons to protect their children from congested chests and stuffy noses. This is a perfect solution for all physical discomforts that you experience as a result of low humidity.