The Ultrasonic steam vaporizers is an absolutely stylish and gorgeously eco-friendly vaporizer that offers unique 5-in-1 functionality that of the diffuser, ionizer, air purifier

An elegant and sleek design, amazing lighting systems are some of the qualities that make this vaporizer even more appealing. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about energy consumption since it’s an energy saver appliance

With this product here I guarantee that you and your family will get the right level of humidity throughout the year, preventing you and your family from developing any health issues ranging from chronic infections to allergies.

The humidifier has a lot of impressive features that bring about a nice and smooth performance. This review covers those features and much more. Enjoy reading.


The sleek and elegant styling and vibrant colors make them a delightful addition to your décor. The Ultrasonic steam vaporizers make your room stand out. The clean, clear colored crystal-imitation material creates a stunning finish for this aromatherapy diffuser and vaporizer.

Only a few vaporizers will have the capability of making your room smell and feel good and also look good at the same time. This happens to be one of them.

Tank Capacity

The Ultrasonic steam vaporizer has a 200ml water tank capacity. This enables you to have a 7-10 hour continuous mist mode and an operation of up to 18 hours for intermittent mist mode. Isn’t that amazing? The aroma bloom coming from it covers approximately 25-30sq meters and must be used with 100% essential oil.

Automatic Safety Shut Off

You no longer have to worry about naked flames, or if you turned off the diffuser, as it switches off automatically when the minimal water level is reached.

This is very important and useful since it enables power saving and safety. The device will also get to last for long thanks to this feature since a breakdown to be caused by either insufficient water in the tank or unused power supplied to it will be evaded.


The Ultrasonic steam vaporizer uses a white LED light that changes in light intensity and is fully adjustable and can be switched off as well. This feature comes in handy in making the room lively, and it will also liven your mood as well.

This light can also be used in lighting a dark room; you’ll end up saving some bulb costs and energy in the process.

Unique 5 In 1 Functionality

This vaporizer has five aspects that increase its functionality, and these are aroma diffuser, humidifier, air purifier, and ionizer. All these functionalities make it stand out since it has more to offer. Not many vaporizers will combine all these functionalities into one product.


  • Runs for up to 10hrs continuous mist modes.
  • Can act as a night lamp
  • It is energy efficient and intelligent.
  • Soothes cold symptoms, dry skin, and cracked lips
  • Turns cold tap water into a cool calming mist


  • The lid comes off with ease

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why are ultrasonic vaporizers the best delivery system to diffuse essential oils?

A: It has the automatic safety shut-off feature in it and with the flick of a button, you get to fill your office, room, or kitchen with the aromatic and therapeutic benefits of essential oils.

Q: Does it have an auto-shut off feature?

A: Yes, it automatically engages when the tank is empty to ensure safety.

Q: Is it safe to leave the diffuser unattended?

A: Yes, this intelligent, energy-efficient ultrasonic diffuser does not use any form of heat, candle, or naked flame, so it’s safe around the elderly, children, and even pets.