Is your baby too big for the bassinet but not ready for a crib? Well, it’s time to switch to the best bassinet 2021 and make things comfortable for your LO.

Some parents find bassinet too big for newborns, whereas a few find the bassinet can’t accommodate the baby anymore. No matter what the case, you need to search and pick the suitable bassinet for your kids right away.

We have cherry-picked the best baby bassinet 2021 for you and your baby. They will give you peace of mind and some excellent nap time for your bundle of joy.

Why Should You Use a Baby Bassinet?

The primary function of a bassinet is to ensure that your infant can have the best sleeping place. It’s always suitable for babies and parents alike when they sleep in rooms where both parent/caregiver also rest. It gives two people a greater opportunity to spend nighttime bonding time together!


There are two basic styles of bassinets, but they come with minimal variation. Traditionally basket-shaped baby beds can be placed on stands without wheels, and when the need arises, you remove them from their stands to put them in a place where desired.

The lightweight, portable bassinets made for travel are great because you can use them in your home and on the go. Some even convert into playards to last longer!

The newest bassinet on the market is a revolutionary invention for parents! Not only does it have added functionality, but these products also come with features like automated rocking and sound machines. However, be cautious about how much you rock your baby in their sleep.

Has an Age and Weight Limit

Buying a bassinet is not an easy task. Make sure you know the time frame your baby will need it in, as well as their weight limit, before purchasing one!

Your baby will outgrow his bassinet before you know it! The milestone of when he should switch over to a bed varies by child, but most babies get there either by 15-lbs or 4-5 months.

Modern versions feature extended use as a playpen until 35 lbs. This allows babies plenty of room to move freely even though they’re not much taller than themselves!

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Bassinets are not something you should buy and use for a long time because they’re short-term in terms of usage. If it’s sold at an affordable price, buy the second hand one.

This could be too soon after purchase when your baby outgrows the bassinet or has other needs that require more space than what one can provide with any kind of hardware item, including strollers.

When Do Babies Outgrow Bassinet?

Transitioning your baby into a mini crib or full-size bed can be tricky, but there are some pretty obvious signs. For example, if you have been using the bassinet for babies under 20lbs and now he weighs over that limit, it is time to make the transition!

But what are some not-so-obvious clues you should look out for? Is he getting fussy when put down, or does he wake up crying at times during the night where usually the baby would be sleeping soundly? Maybe your little one has grown too big for his bassinet and is now ready to move on into bigger things like a crib!

When to Move Baby to Own Room?

baby too big for bassinet

When should you move your baby to their room? I recommend around 6-7 months; after that, infants become much more tuned in and may have trouble with the change. By 8 months, many babies suddenly notice if they’re left alone—and care about it!

So, how long does a baby sleep in a bassinet? In my opinion, it should not exceed 8 months.

It’s essential to move your baby into a crib when they start rolling over or trying to sit up. You want all their safety features protected while also giving them more room!

This can be a problem for those who are used to having company but now find themselves alone as separation worries become stressful for sensitive or cautious little ones.

The thought of your child growing up is enough to make you want to remodel. There’s no doubt that they will feel cozier, but the urge for more space won’t go away any time soon either!

As a baby starts kicking their legs around and moving all over in an effortful manner-you’ll know it’s about time to move up because things are only going get tighter once these little ones start crawling everywhere again (and boy do they)!

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Steps you Should Follow to Move Baby to Own Room

A baby’s first night in its room is always a stressful and exciting time. When you transition, don’t be surprised if your little one protests for a few nights after being left alone – this means that the move was successful!

I recommend picking them up immediately to calm them down (don’t talk too much or nurse), then put them back down when they’re more relaxed again. If all else fails, just repeat as needed until 30 minutes have passed without fussing from either party- so long as you pick her up before she starts protesting against being put down.

  • Try spending more time in your baby’s room before you make the switch. Use it for pleasant, quiet times like feedings or massages to bond with them during this critical transition period!
  • A good mattress is essential for any child, but especially babies. Babies have a weaker neck and spine than adults do, so they need to be sleeping on some softer surface to prevent them from straining these areas out of shape!
  • Make sure to continue all of their favorite routines and sleep cues, like the bedtime ritual, white noise CD for lullabies, etc.
  • The perfect sleeping environment for your baby is between 68-72 degrees F. When they are in this range, you can be sure that the kind of sleep they will get is one full of quality and not just any old slumber!

How to Choose the Best Baby Bassinet 2021?

baby too big for bassinet

Babies need to sleep alone in their own sleeping space with four sides around them. “We want the bassinets that babies are placed into to be safe and comfortable,” says Dr. Scott.

Some features should always come standard: mesh fabric on all sides, for ventilation; sturdy bars under baby’s head so they don’t hang off when lying down (and an inflating mattress).

Bassinets are quite similar to cribs in terms of safety features, and any bassinet sold within the U.S must meet strict Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) regulations.

Under this criterion for a Children’s Product Certificate or CPC by meeting these rigorous standards, including firm mattresses with tight-fitting sheets that infants should always be put onto their back without any extra toys, stuffed animals, blankets, pads, etc.

Let’s not forget the additional safety features that make a baby bassinet safe haven for babies:

  • Adjustable height
  • Folding features
  • Additional storage space
  • Extra side pockets
  • Wheels with lock mechanism
  • The slidable base for compact storage under any bed

Final Thoughts

If you have found your baby too big for the bassinet but not ready for the crib, don’t wait and switch to either a bigger bassinet or crib. However, there are a few issues to consider that you already know.

If you consider those factors before getting a bassinet, that would be more effective. Additionally, check our comprehensive guides on the baby swing, baby rocker, or baby bouncer, if you are interested to get one of them.