The Delta Children Sweet Dreams Bassinet with Airflow Mesh stands out as a modern and feature-rich solution for parents seeking a safe, comfortable, and convenient sleeping space for their newborns. This bedside portable crib comes with a range of functionalities designed to soothe and entertain babies while providing peace of mind for parents.

Design and Construction

The bassinet boasts a sleek and contemporary design, featuring a calming grey infinity color scheme that complements various nursery styles. The construction prioritizes safety, with sturdy materials and a stable base. The breathable mesh sides ensure optimal airflow, promoting a comfortable sleep environment while allowing parents to keep a watchful eye on their little ones.

Key Features

  1. Electronic Pod: The integrated electronic pod serves as the control center for the bassinet’s various functions. It includes:
    • Vibration: Gentle vibrations help soothe fussy babies and lull them to sleep.
    • Lights: A soft nightlight creates a calming ambiance and helps with nighttime feedings.
    • Music and Sounds: A selection of melodies and nature sounds provide auditory stimulation and relaxation.
  2. Bedside Attachment: The bassinet can be securely attached to the parent’s bed, facilitating nighttime feedings and bonding. The adjustable height ensures a seamless fit with various bed types.
  3. Portability: Equipped with locking casters, the bassinet can be easily moved from room to room, allowing parents to keep their babies close throughout the day.
  4. Additional Accessories: The bassinet includes a 1-inch waterproof mattress pad and a fitted sheet, both of which are machine washable for easy maintenance.

Delta Children’s Bassinet

Sweet Dreams Bassinet with Airflow Mesh

  • Color: Grey Infinity
  • Brand: Delta Children
  • Product Dimensions: 32″L x 20″W x 30.5″H
  • Furniture Finish: Grey
  • Product Care Instructions: Machine wash fitted sheet; Spot clean all other fabrics

User Experience

Parents have praised the Delta Children Sweet Dreams Bassinet for its user-friendly design and intuitive operation. The electronic pod is straightforward to use, with clearly labeled buttons and controls. The bassinet’s portability is a significant advantage, allowing parents to effortlessly move their babies between rooms.

The breathable mesh sides have garnered positive feedback for promoting airflow and visibility. Parents appreciate the peace of mind that comes with being able to see their babies while they sleep. The range of soothing options, including vibrations, lights, and music, has proven effective in calming fussy infants and promoting restful sleep.

Overall Assessment

The Delta Children Sweet Dreams Bassinet with Airflow Mesh is a well-rounded product that delivers on its promises of safety, comfort, and convenience. Its modern design, user-friendly features, and portability make it a valuable addition to any nursery. While the electronic pod requires batteries, the benefits it offers in terms of soothing and entertainment outweigh this minor inconvenience.

For parents seeking a reliable and feature-rich bassinet, the Delta Children Sweet Dreams model is a worthy investment. Its combination of practicality and style, along with its commitment to safety, make it an excellent choice for modern families.

Additional Considerations

  • Battery Life: The electronic pod requires 4 AA batteries, which are not included. Consider purchasing rechargeable batteries to minimize long-term costs.
  • Assembly: Some users have reported that assembly can be slightly challenging. However, the instructions are clear and concise, and most parents can set up the bassinet without significant difficulty.
  • Weight Limit: The bassinet is designed for infants up to 15 pounds or until they can push up on their hands and knees, whichever comes first.


The Delta Children Sweet Dreams Bassinet with Airflow Mesh is a testament to the brand’s commitment to innovation and quality. It seamlessly blends functionality with style, providing a safe and comfortable haven for newborns. Whether used as a bedside sleeper or a portable crib, this bassinet offers parents peace of mind and convenience while promoting restful sleep for their little ones.

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