How often do you go shopping with your baby or toddler in tow? If you’re anything like me, you probably don’t get out much with them anymore. I mean, who has time to run errands with a kid in tow anyway? You must be ending up asking how to grocery shop with a stroller?

Shopping with kids is never fun. They are fussy; they cry, they want to play, they demand attention…the list goes on. And the thing is, you can’t really leave them at home during these trips because you’d miss out on their cute smiles and adorable antics.

So what to do? The answer is simple. Go shopping with your little ones in a stroller. Yes, that means leaving your car behind and walking around the store instead. There are plenty of benefits to shopping with your children. Read on to discover some of them.

How to grocery shop with a stroller

Grocery shopping with a baby and its stroller is fun if you know how to use that carrier for your benefit. I have rounded up some innovative tips from moms’ to make your grocery shopping a fun activity with your baby.

Take a bigger stroller

It may sound intimidating to use a bigger stroller while shopping, but that’s worth carrying. Big strollers come with a bottom basket that you can use as a cart. If you need extra space, simply get a bag or basket and hang it on the sides.

And if the shopping is CRAZY MASSIVE, get your partner with you! How cool is that?

Take out the car seat and stroll

I had a big stroller with a car seat that always made me intimidated to carry. However, I found it handy while detaching the car seat from the stroller and putting it on the cart.

It will give any mom freedom to roam around her favorite aisles while smiling at the baby. How sweet!

If you have a stroller with a removable baby seat, make sure to carry it on the trunk and separate the seat after you reach the supermarket. 

Push and Pull

Although I am not a big fan of this technique, moms love it. They push the stroller with one hand while pulling the cart. One of the most significant benefits of this technique is that you don’t need extra time to check your baby constantly.

However, you need to be an efficient multi-tasker to juggle the baby and the goods. And for new moms, it can be a bit tricky.

Carry the Baby and Shop with Stroller

Don’t get me wrong; research found that it’s a popular concept among moms, especially in the early 30s. Perhaps they found it convenient as the baby is always with them while roaming around the aisles.

You have to put your baby on the carrier and use the stroller as a cart. Big strollers with bottom baskets are excellent for this purpose. However, if you have a smaller stroller, you can use it for daily shopping.

For bigger monthly groceries, it’s better not to use this method as the overweight can damage your baby’s favorite ride.

Let the baby sitting on the cart

Lastly, the most convenient option is letting your baby sit on the cart. However, you can do it only if your baby can sit by itself.

Make sure you put a shopping cart cover to protect your baby from any unwanted germs. These covers are like any cellphone or electronic device covers that keep you and your baby protected from any infected surfaces.

Most of the shopping cart comes with a safety belt and enough space so that a baby can sit there. But you have to make sure the sitting part is adequately sanitized. Have a sanitizer handy. You know how babies love to touch almost anything they find interesting. So, the sanitizer will keep your Little one safe from any infection.

Tips on How to Grocery Shop With Stroller

  • Plan your trip beforehand if it’s with your baby.
  • Make a list. Shopping adventurous is excellent when you are alone or with your partner only. But with a  baby, it’s mostly picking and moving.
  • Make sure the baby is well-fed. It will make your shopping smooth and easy.
  • Change the diaper before you hit the road. There is nothing worse than a cranky baby with a wet diaper.
  • The best time to grocery shop with a baby is right before their nap times. A stroll across the aisle will make them sleep in no time.
  • Sometimes no tips may not work out. So, always have a plan B to calm your cranky baby. I prefer to stop by the supermarket coffee shops to have some fun time with my baby.

Alternatives of strollers while shopping

It’s not necessary to carry a stroller every time you do groceries. A few options are more convenient than pushing a big stroller across the supermarket’s aisles.

Baby carrier

It’s like having your baby close to your body while you are on the go. Most baby carriers come with three-point safety belts and multiple facilities to stay on the carrier.

While you have your baby on the carrier, your hands will be free to grab any groceries. You don’t have to push any stroller to focus more on your shopping and the baby. And the babies love the views while you move, and you will find them in a real jolly mood.

Car seat

If there is no detachable car seat with the stroller, simply detach the regular car seat from the base and put it on the cart. Car seats are designed so that they can fit on any medium to large-sized cart.

The car seat will be positioned appropriately, so you don’t have to worry about the baby’s safety. Besides, they can see you constantly, and you can expect peaceful grocery shopping.

Make sure you put the seat across the cart to stay inside and know how to grocery shop with a baby.

Baby hammock

Like your regular camping hammock, this miniature version has all the comfort and safety for your baby. The only difference is rather than two ropes, this hammock comes with a solid rectangular frame that fits on any cart.

You have to set the hammock just like the car seat: across the cart. A bit of back and forth adjustment will put the hammock frame adequately positioned on the cart frame. Now you are all good to go.

Final words

Grocery shopping with a baby may sound tricky, but as long as you have the right tool and know the correct ways, it’s like a breeze. Yes, things may go wrong, but you can always have it under control with prior planning.

This article will help you as an initial guide about how to grocery shop with a stroller and a baby on it. Now you have to figure out which ways work best for you and your baby. After that, it’s all about some happy memories with your little one.