Shopping for a birthday present is hard and shopping for a child’s birthday present is even more challenging, as you’re never really sure about what they will really use and what will end up in the trash after a few weeks. Whether you’ve just been invited to a kid’s birthday party and you have no idea what to bring or you simply want to be remembered as the aunt who gives cool presents, after reading this article, you will have plenty of unique ideas for the little one.

Projector and screen

If you want the receiver of the present to be the coolest kid in school, splurge a little and get them a projector and a projection screen for their birthday. This present will be especially memorable if the child has an interest in movies or TV-shows, so a dark room and some snacks are all they need to have a fun and exciting experience just like at the cinema. If the kid asks you to set up the projector and turn on a movie and you’re not really sure what would be appropriate for his birthday event, check out IMDb’s list of the top 100 Animated Series ever made. Additionally, this present is also versatile, as it can be used not only by the kid, but also the rest of the family, for example at the birthday party, for a movie night, or a Harry Potter marathon.


A child might not find a sweater to be the most exciting present, but if you choose the right design this gift will immediately become more interesting both for them and their parents. Pay attention to the fabric the sweater is made of, as since kids are very active, they need something that will keep them warm without restraining their moves. Kids’ Irish sweaters made of merino wool are considered to be the best option, since they are made of one of the best fabrics for children and they also feature beautiful designs. Hop on to get the birthday girl or boy an Irish sweater that will be perfect for both daily wear and a thematic photo session.

Sport equipment

Kids surely love sports and the only downside of this hobby is that it requires a lot of equipment. If you want to kill two birds with one stone and make a wonderful present both for the kid and the parents, ask them what sports they practice or are interested in. With boys, you almost never go wrong with football equipment, so a ball or a uniform like the one his favorite player is wearing makes a safe choice. In fact, I bought my nephew a Christiano Ronaldo jersey for his last birthday and he quite literally refused to take it off even when going to sleep. When it comes to girls, many of them love tennis and gymnastics, but over the last few years I’ve noticed a lot of girls having an interest in volleyball and skateboarding too, so it is better to ask their parents what exactly they might need.