It is always exciting to welcome a baby to this world, especially if it is your first child. Since kids grow up so fast and we want to do our best to remember every single moment with them, many parents seek for photographers’ services and organize special photo sessions with the little one. Often parents have a specific idea in mind that they’d like to recreate at the shooting, but if you are not too sure what photo session theme would suit your family the best, here are a few ideas to choose from:

Sleeping beauty

One of the most popular ideas for newborn shootings is the sleeping beauty theme, it represents the baby in its purest and most beautiful form. The photos that result after these shootings also turn out amazing and peaceful, which makes them great for adding to your family album, posting on Facebook, or hanging on the walls of your living room. Plus, such a photo session will also be easier and less stressful for the baby, as your newborn will most likely sleep the entire time they are photographed or changed into new outfits.


Although in Irish mythology Leprechauns aren’t usually the friendliest creatures, dressing up your baby as one is an amusing and creative idea for a shooting. You can dress him up in an Irish onesie with a Leprechaun on it and to make it even funnier put him in a pot with gold coins. All you need for this shooting are some baby onesies with traditional Irish motifs, a pot, and some paint so that you can draw a rainbow at the end of which your baby will appear. Additionally, decorate the set with shamrocks, as they are considered to bring good fortune so that your baby can have the famous luck of the Irish.

The Invincibles

Disney characters and superheroes have always been a popular idea for photo sessions, and The Incredibles are a perfect combination of both of those things. All you need are some matching costumes and a little bit of face paint to create a fun and memorable experience and photos. The dad can dress as Mr. Incredible and the mom will be Elastigirl, while the little one can be Jack-Jack. If you want to make the photos even sillier, dress your child as Edna instead, with her characteristic bob hairstyle and round glasses.

Addams Family

Another entertaining photo session idea for the whole family would be to dress up as the members of the Addams Family, the beloved characters of the 1991 movie. Last year, the world fell in love with them once again thanks to Tim Burton’s Wednesday series, so there is no better time to play dress up with your baby than now. This idea is especially good if you have two kids so that one could portray Wednesday and the other one Pugsley or if you want to include the other relatives such as the grandma or the uncle in the picture. Don’t forget about the black and white dress code, Morticia’s iconic red lip, and Wednesday’s braids.